Autoclave, Tuttnauer Model 2340E

Product #: 25122020
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The Tuttnauer® Model 2340E autoclave is designed for sterilizing laboratory equipment, media and even liquids. The Tuttnauer® autoclave provides fast, safe and dependable sterilization without special plumbing or venting. Tuttnauer® autoclaves are manufactured with 316L stainless steel sterilization chambers which are highly corrosion-resistant. These autoclaves feature a fast exhaust option which reduces cycle time for solid goods and a slow exhaust option which releases chamber pressure slowly and prevents boiling over of liquids. Cold air pockets are eliminated by continuous pressure purging, ensuring uniform sterilization.

The 2340E autoclave includes a 3.25L water reservoir allowing complete control of the purity of the sterilizing steam and repeated use with infrequent refills. The integral drying cycle prevents corrosion of expensive instruments and dries absorbent materials. The autoclave includes a low water level alarm, preventing damage to the heating elements. Tuttnauer® autoclaves feature a, insulated, double-locking door to protect lab personnel from accidental burns. Door operation is prevented with a deadbolt while the chamber is pressurized for added safety.

Tuttnauer® Model 2340E features microprocessor control with digital display of pressure and temperature. The autoclave features four adjustable, single push-button programs which provide reproducible sterilization cycles. Laboratory personnel can enter and store operating parameters of temperature (105 to 137°C, 221 to 279°F), sterilization time (0 to 59 minutes), pressure (0 to 40psi), and drying time (0 to 99 minutes). Parameters can also be set and stored for temperature in °C or °F as well as pressure in either psi or bar. In-line filters protect all pressure valves. Diameter x Depth: 9 x 18-Inch. Capacity: 19-Liters. Includes three removable and adjustable stainless steel tray shelves to accommodate varying sizes and heights of laboratory instrumentation, glassware and vessels. Electrical: 120V/1400W.

  • Versatile and compact
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Temperature stability
  • Alarm feature
  • Drying cycle