Hach helps drinking water plant customize solution and increasing overall efficiency of system in Lower Seletar, Singapore

The new 60 MGD water plant in Lower Seletar includes on-site hypochlorite generation for primary disinfection, in lieu of chlorine gas. The disinfection process allows for a utility to develop a flexible alternative disinfection strategy throughout its plant, enabling the facility to further ensure operator and community safety, while reducing hazardous training and meeting regulations concerning DBPs (disinfection by-products).

Drinking Water Plant

  • On-site hypochlorite generation system uses three common consumables in the sodium hypochlorite generating process: salt, water and electricity.
  • Operates by feeding softened water into brine dissolved
  • Salt dissolved and forms brine solutions
  • Dilute brine solution to desired salt solution

The challenges faced for this customer, is that being a large drinking plant in Singapore and with adoption to the advanced disinfection method, it is very difficult for the operator to fully gain control of the operations.

To ensure quality of water, client has to test on parameters like pH, ORP, turbidity, chlorine and etc., Client eagerly sourced for Hach’s expertise in water quality to provide them with a customized solution to control and ensure their process operations.

Hach is proud to be the choice for clients’ water quality testing solution provider.

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