Hach helps famous brewery control their product quality to ensure flavor, shelf-life and taste in Long An, Vietnam

Built on an area of 6.5 hectares in Viet Hoa-Duc Hoa Industrial Park, Duc Hoa District, Long An Province, this Vietnam Brewery plans to have production capacity of 40 million liters per year in the first phase, 100 million liters per year in the second phase (2015) and up to 150 million liters per year during the third phase (2019).


  • This brewery’s beer is made from blend of the finest ingredients and highly-selected yeast.
  • The advanced production skills, and one-of-its-kind technologies comes along with the stringent quality control system standards from Japan in every step of the brewing process.

The challenges faced for this customer, client is very strict on their product quality. While doing QA/QC, client has to ensure flavor, shelf-life and taste is guaranteed.

Client has to test for a range of parameters like COD, ammonia, TSS and etc., Selecting Hach makes client at ease, with the accurate measurements, easiest methods to test and most importantly, Hach helped client overcome their biggest challenge, flavor, shelf-life and taste control is guaranteed.

Hach is proud to be the choice for clients’ water quality testing solution provider.

Want to know how Hach have helped them keep their flavor, shelf-life and taste all controlled?

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