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At Hach, we understand your water needs when it comes to ensuring the highest levels of product quality, consistency and safety. Since 1947, Hach Company has designed, manufactured, and distributed world class instrumentation, test kits, and reagents for testing water quality in a variety of beverage industry applications, including influent, Clean-In-Place (CIP), and effluent water treatment.

We invite you to take a look at our comprehensive line of product solutions and services. They’re the most accurate and dependable products you can buy.

Hach offers:

  • On-line process instrumentation and reagents
  • Laboratory equipment, reagents, and supplies
  • More EPA-approved methods than any other company
  • Portable test kits and field instruments
  • Automatic samplers and flow meters
  • Local sales and service teams
  • Service partnership programs and customized training

Accurate determination of parameters such as: alcohol, CO2, O2, color, organic acids, and pH is important for quality control in the brewing and beverage industries. 

Dissolved gas levels can affect both flavour stability and consumer appeal. Accurate CO2 and O2 analysis allows the brewer to control the process so that the flavour stability of the beer can be greatly extended.

Also, creating the highest quality beverages begins with the right water quality. Monitoring water quality ensures that your flavour doesn't have seasonal fluctuations due to a changing water supply. Our water monitoring instrumentation is the global industry standard for drinking water analysis.

Besides that, HACH has a long history of providing high quality products and support for wastewater applications. Trust us to help make sure you are optimizing your processes and meeting your consent limits.

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Hach Brewing & Beverage Solution Benefits:

  • Comprehensive analytical checks that help you meet your quality and performance objectives
  • Control your costs with lab & process analytical products, designed specifically for each product step

Local beverage team for technical and service support ensures we are always on hand when you need us

Look at how we help these famous Southeast Asia brewing or beverage factories ensuring their quality.

Hach helps world’s largest beverage company achieve quality control in Upper Thomson, Singapore

Hach helps brewery reduce costs and ensure beer quality in Hanoi, Vietnam

Hach helps famous brewery control their product quality to ensure flavor, shelf-life and taste in Long An, Vietnam

Featured Products  

3100 ORBISPHERE LDO portable measuring & logging instrument - Beverage (US)

Orbisphere 3100 LDO portable measuring & logging instrument

With Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen (LDO) technology integrated into the ORBISPHERE 3100, this analyzer is guaranteed to improve process efficiency and provide accurate dissolved oxygen measurements.

DR 6000™ UV VIS Spectrophotometer with RFID Technology

DR 6000

The DR 6000 offers high speed wavelength scanning across the UV and Visible Spectrum, with pre-programmed MEBAK methods and color measurement as L.A.B. Enzymatic analysis, reducing setup time and increasing accuracy.

ASBC Brewery methods can also be added to this instrument for Anthocyanogens, Iron, Steam Volatile Phenols, Beer Color, Iso-Alpha-Acids, Total Polyphenols, Bitterness Units, Photometric Iodine, Thiobarbituric Acid Number (TAN), Free Amino Nitrogen, Reductones, and Vicinal Diketones.

ORBISPHERE M1100 high range, 28 mm Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen Sensor compatible with ORBISPHERE insertion devices

Orbisphere M1100 Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

The M1100 offers a new way of monitoring oxygen (O2) in beer and de-aerated water, offering significant operating and cost benefits.

  • Optical technology gives you the lowest drift, fastest response, and annual calibration
  • Superior accuracy in ppb oxygen (O2) measurement for effective process control
  • The sensor is available in 12 mm and 28 mm options
HQ30d Portable Meter Package with LDO101 Optical Dissolved Oxygen Probe

HQ30d Meter and Standard IntelliCAL™ LDO Probe for Wort Analysis

The breakthrough Hach Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen (LDO®) technology, now the standard for measuring Dissolved Oxygen, eliminates the numerous reliability and maintenance concerns inherent in older DO membrane instruments.

  • No membranes!
  • Infrequent Calibration
  • No electrolyte to replace or anode to polish
  • 1-year sensor life

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