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At Hach, we know the challenges you are facing in delivering the full range of consulting, engineering, construction and operations services to create and implement comprehensive, sustainable solutions in water. We help you in growing your business by an alliance that complements Hach’s application expertise with your design and engineering excellence, generating a guaranteed value for the global water customer in a seamless way.
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Our commitment to E&C firms:

  • Reduce the number Hours you require to design a project
  • Minimize your Risk in projects
  • Enable you to deliver Optimization Solutions to your Customer
  • Increasing your ability to do Business Globally

Product information is grouped by primary markets so you can quickly locate just the products that you need without having to spend time scrolling and sorting through products that do not apply. Select the primary market from the list below that best matches your application.

Global Engineering & Construction

Drinking Water


Power, Boiling & Cooling


Data Management

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