Filtrax sample filtration system, 2 m heated hose, 230 Vac

Product #: 5739201
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Low maintenance sample preparation system
The Filtrax and Filtrax eco Sample Filtration Systems continually extract samples directly from process effluent and pull the water through ultra-filtration membranes (0.15 µm) that are immersed in the aeration basin or primary settling tank. Once filtered, the samples can be analysed with one of Hach’s analysers, such as the Amtax or Phosphax, when used in flow through installations. The control unit of both the Filtrax and the Filtrax eco can be placed outdoor in any climate and is virtually maintenance free, all tubing is completely accessible and easy to replace. A programmable alarm relay alerts operators to inspect the system when flow decreases, and a second relay can shut the unit down if flow decreases further.

  • Established Technology In Situ and Down the Line
  • Simple to Use and Maintain
  • Operating Principle
  • Hach's Family of Nutrient Analyzers
  • Works reliably, even with a high sludge volume index or floating sludge