Hach helps significant chemical company get safe, reliable and efficient operation in Bukom, Singapore

This chemical plant is located in Bukom, which is situated on a 243-hectare island 5.5 km southwest of Singapore. It forms part of a group of southern islands that have been identified for chemical and other industrial manufacturing.


  • Large refinery globally in terms of crude distillation capacity (500,000 barrels per day)
  • Integrated oil and chemicals site, with manufacturing facilities for fuels, lubricant base oils and specialty chemicals
  • Home to a world-class Ethylene Cracker Complex (800,000 tonnes per annum)
  • Butadiene Extraction Unit (155,000 tonnes per annum)

The challenges faced for this customer, is that client requires the plant to run smoothly and the water used by the plant has to meet certain requirements.

Client tested on parameters like silica and sodium and etc., With Hach as your water expert solution provider, batch problems can be avoided by means of continuous monitoring and adjustments. This requirement can only be fulfilled when reliable measurement systems are used for continuous monitoring.

Hach is proud to be the choice for clients’ water quality testing solution provider.

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