Hach helps wastewater treatment plant ensure process control and effluent compliant to regulation in Long Hau, Vietnam

This centralized wastewater treatment plant in Long Hau has an area of 10,000 m² to treat wastewater. As per Circular No.08/2009/TT-BTNMT (stated on15/07/2009) by Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, notified every central WWTP of industrial park must install on-line instrument for controlling its discharged water characteristic, consisted of COD, pH, TSS, DO and other parameters of discharged water depending on EIA. 


  • Total treatment capacity of the plant is 5000m³/day
  • Installed monitoring cabinet for effluent
  • Data is sent to their own control room and environment department of Long An Province

The challenges faced for this customer, is that they would need to make sure of the quality before the discharge and to control the process treatment. Apart from that, laboratory instruments would also have to be of use in this situation, to conduct tests for the wastewater and to have process control.

To ensure quality of water, client has to test on parameters like pH, temperature, TSS, DO and etc., As Hach has more than sufficient experience, Hach was awarded the job to ensure water is compliant and effluent to the regulation for the output and the quality of water is controlled while minimizing the costs.

Hach is proud to be the choice for clients’ water quality testing solution provider.

Want to know how Hach has helped wastewater treatment plant ensure plant consent is compliant and effluent to regulation for output while controlling the process?

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