Hach Event Monitor™ for Event Detection

Product #: 6840200
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Early warning system for monitoring drinking water

The improved Event Monitor is now smaller, lighter and more robust. A unique combination of hardware and software, the Event Monitor is designed to detect water quality deviations from baseline, which is developed specific to the water at the site of install. It then takes the data from the sensors and processes it through a unique algorithm, turning the data into a single dimensionless signal, called the trigger signal. This trigger signal is then compared once every minute to the baseline. If a significant deviation from the baseline occurs, the Event Monitor will alarm. New adaptive tuning allows you to minimize false positives for noisier systems. The Event Monitor takes large amounts of data and turn it into something easily understood - in real time! Forget hours of data crunching. The trigger signal makes it easy to visualize when a water quality event occurs, allowing time to alleviate the situation.

  • Analyzes water quality data from online sensors that monitor source or finished water
  • Interfaces with and analyzes data from the WDMP sc, Source Water Monitoring Panel, or astroTOC UV Online TOC Analyzer
  • Easily Networks with SCADA or PLC System