Sension+ DO6 DL Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter with Data Logger without DO sensor

Product #: LPV4500DL.97.02
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Hach Sension+ DL: Makes testing and data handling fast and simple

Data logger Dissolved Oxygen meter with USB dongle and PC software, without DO sensor and accessories.

Hach Sension+ family:
Fast results: Provided by the right choice of quickly responding electrodes for your application, integrated laboratory systems or unique multi probes with up to 4 parameters by 1 click for field applications.

Maximum simplicity: Sension+ systems come complete with everything you need to start testing.
Ease of use operation, either with superior field usability or fully integrated laboratory set up:
Sension+ simplifies your measurement tasks!

  • Data handling as simple as it can be.
  • Fast DO measurements
  • Maximum simplicity
  • Designed for field use
  • IP67 - protected.