Solvent Phase Separator Filter, 90mm

Product #: 2516610
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FunnelFit® SPS™ (Solvent Phase Separator) filters are designed to quickly and easily remove water from the immiscible solvents
used in Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) and Liquid-Liquid Extraction
(LLE). Sample drying agents like sodium sulfate, which can dissolve through traditional filters and contaminate solvent extracts or have their water binding capacity exceeded, are no longer needed when
this new EPA compliant technology is employed. The stabilized silicone treatment renders the cellulose filter hydrophobic which prevents water from passing through the filter under gravity while allowing immiscible organic solvents of any density to pass through. FunnelFit SPS filters are pre-folded into the shape of a cone that fits
the funnel perfectly every time and feature consistently low background extractable/leachable levels. For best results, choose a diameter according to the chart below so that the top of the filter will fit at least 6mm (1/4") below the rim of the funnel. Pack of 100.