FL900 Flow Logger, Non-wireless

Product #: FL900.97
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Hach FL900 Standard (Non-Wireless) Flow Logger

The FL900 Flow Logger provides users with a reliable, budget saving solution for open channel portable flow monitoring applications. The robust logger´s time-saving features will drastically decrease site time and increase safety for monitoring crews. The Logger LED provides instant communication verification of correct site set-up and flow meter communication prior to leaving the site.
With the time saving features designed into the FL900 Flow Loggers, crews spend less time in the manhole and less time on site to decrease monitoring costs while increasing the safety of flow monitoring crews.
Reduce site visits to change batteries with FL900´s long battery life. The estimated battery life at 15 minute intervals is 185 days for the Flo-Dar sensor and 306 days for the Flo-Tote 3 sensor.
The logger can be quickly attached to a wall, pole or manhole ladder in minutes. Users can choose to hang logger from standard carabiner or optional 4-bolt wall mount for pole, horizontal or vertical wall mount or ladder rung mount.
Municipal Applications: Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Studies, Collection Systems, Capacity Studies, Combined Sewer Overflows, Inflow and Infiltration (I & I) Studies, Billing/Custody Transfer, Plant Influent and Effluent.
Industrial Apllications: Process Waste, Plant Influent, Plant Effluent, Non-contact Cooling Water, Stormwater Monitoring and Compliance.

  • Reliable, Budget-Saving Monitoring
  • Increase Monitoring Crew Safety
  • Long Battery Life
  • Easy Installation/Versatile Mounting Options
  • Municipal, Industrial Applications