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Wastewater Surveillance Solutions

AS950 All-Weather Refrigerated Sampler: Intuitive, reliable sampling with USB capabilities and temperature control, ensuring sample preservation in any condition.

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SL1000 colorimetric analyzer

Achieve Chloramination Testing 75% Faster

Simplify Testing with SL1000. 6 Parameters, 1 Powerful Device.

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Online Laser Turbidimeter

TU5300sc/5400sc Online Laser Turbidimeters

Where advanced technology meets water clarity. The next standard in the evolution of turbidity.

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Why Hach?

We know that your water analysis has to be right, which is why we’re dedicated to providing you with the solutions you need to feel confident in your analysis.

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Chemistries & Reagents

High quality reagents for your routine and challenging water analysis.

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United By a Unifying Purpose

Diversity and Inclusion is an ongoing journey, at Hach we are committed to continuously improving our culture.

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Enabling Sustainable Water Solutions

"As a water engineer for 20 years, some of the most satisfying aspects of my career have been assisting and observing the innovation of our customers, partners and collaborators in the water industry. The water industry is rife with inspiring examples of the drive towards a more sustainable, circular economy, that seeks to move beyond the short-sighted “linear” economy of take-make-dispose. I am proud that Hach shares the inspiring innovation demonstrated by so many dedicated water professionals as partners in this journey."

—Steve Myers, PE, Strategic Programs at Hach

Steve's journey continues as Hach is thrilled to announce its participation in the upcoming 2024 WateReuse Symposium, a premier event dedicated to advancing water recycling and reuse practices. Don't miss the opportunity to join Steve and others as we connect, learn, and shape the future of water sustainability. Visit WateReuse Symposium 2024 to learn more.