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Hach BioTector B3500c Online TOC analyser, 0-25 mg/L C, 1 stream, grab sample, 230 V AC

Product #: B5BCAA152AAC2
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Maximum uptime and reliability for TOC analysis in condensate applications

Through unique technology and semi-annual reagent replacement, the BioTector B3500c delivers 99.86% uptime with the lowest operating cost in condensate applications.
Reliable and accurate TOC monitoring allows plants to make confident decisions that protect capital equipment and avoid downtime. The BioTector B3500c, through its innovative oxidation technology, provides maximum reliability and uptime, without sacrificing accuracy. Industry leading reliability combined with low total cost of ownership make the B3500c a natural choice for continuous TOC monitoring in condensate applications.

Many additional versions available on request.⁻

  • Worry-free TOC
  • Lowest cost of ownership
  • Small footprint = critical wall space savings
  • Reagent costs that don't kill the bottom line
  • One instrument for multiple streams