Hardness (Total) Test Kit, Model HA-DT

Hardness (Total) Test Kit, Model HA-DT
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Hach Digital Titrator offers higher levels of precision and accuracy than drop count procedures, with reproducibility comparable to a buret titration

Rugged titration device is ideal for field use, with no glass burets required

What's in the box?

Includes four reagents, flask, digital titrator, delivery tube, cylinder, instruction sheet, and carrying case.


Case Style: F
Method Name: Digital Titrator/EDTA
Model: HA-DT
Number of tests: 100
Parameter: Hardness, total - As CaCO3
Platform : Digital Titrator
Range: 10 - 4,000 CaCO3
Ship Wt. (lbs): 4
Smallest Increment Steps: 0.1-10