MP-4 Portable Meter Essentials Package

Product #: HMP4EP
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Hach's MP Meters offer single-handed operation for clean water applications, thanks to their probeless design.

The Hach HMP4EP is designed for clean water applications and make sampling and testing very efficient. Integrated sample cups eliminate the need for probe handling and juggling of sample containers. Great for distribution monitoring, water treatment professionals, and other spot testing applications.

  • Simple, robust design allows for rapid testing of conductivity, resistivity, Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), and temperature.
  • Probe-free meter enables single-handed operation for high-throughput testing or spot checking
  • Achieve reliable readings without frequent calibration
  • Auto shut-off extends battery life to more than 100 hours or approximately 5000 tests for reliable portable use
  • Essentials Package includes MP-4 meter, field case, conductivity standards (50 mL each), TDS standard (50 mL), and user manual