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SC1000 Multi-parameter Universal Controller Display Module (without GSM/GPRS)

Product #: LXV402.99.00002
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The only controller needed for all of your water quality measurements.

The Hach SC1000 Multi-parameter Universal Controller is a state-of-the-art modular transmitter system. The SC1000 consists of a Display Module and at least one Probe Module. Probe Modules for the SC1000 can be networked together to accommodate up to 32 digital sensors or analyzers. The SC1000 Display Module is intuitive, with an easy to use interface and large color touch-screen display that can be used for any number of parameters. One Display Module controls one or more Probe Modules connected by a digital network. The Display Module is fully portable, and can be disconnected and moved anywhere within the network. The Hach SC1000 Display Module is available with GSM/GPRS, Ethernet, and TCP/IP capability.

  • More Confidence in Your Instrument’s Performance
  • Plug and Play Operation
  • Communication Options to Fit Any Application Need
  • Expandable and Upgradable