Sodium Thiosulfate Digital Titrator Cartridge, 2.00 N

Sodium Thiosulfate Digital Titrator Cartridge, 2.00 N
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Accurate results - when and where you need them

Digital Titrator methods use a high-precision dispensation device and cartridges of concentrated titrant to allow analyses in the lab, the plant or the field.

Fast and Flexible

Interchangeable cartridges allow you to change titrants in seconds. No cleaning or rinsing burets.


More than 50 parameter/range combinations are available


Concentrated titrants allow 40-100 typical titrations per cartridge.


Method: 8209
  Azide mod. of Winkler Method
Method Name: Iodometric
Number of tests: 40 - 100
Parameter: Chlorine, Total
  Oxygen, Dissolved
Platform : Digital Titrator
Range: 2000 - 70000 mg/L Cl2
Range 2: 10 - 100 mg/L DO
Titrant: 2.00 N Na2S2O3