Stablcal Turbidity Standard, 0.30 NTU, 100 mL

Stablcal Turbidity Standard, 0.30 NTU, 100 mL
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Precise, pre-mixed Formazin solutions

With proprietary manufacturing technology, Hach prepares Stablcal Standards in precise concentrations at a wide variety of concentrations - providing accurate turbidimeter calibrations.

Based on Formazin Primary Standards

Stablcal Stabilised Formazin Standards contain the same light scattering polymer as traditional Formazin primary turbidity standards - and perform equivalently.

Enhanced stability saves time and labour

While Formazin primary standards can be prepared directly in the lab, the process is labor intensive and time consuming - and the diluted standards are not stable. Stablcal is a stabilised version of Formazin - providing repeatable results, without the time and effort required for lab-prepared standards.

Confidence in results

Hach was the first to apply Formazin as a turbidity standard in the drinking water industry, more than 40 years ago. Stablcal standards are based on decades of experience in turbidity measurement.


Concentration: 0.3 NTU
Platform : Solution
Quantity: 100 mL