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TL2300 Tungsten Lamp Turbidimeter, EPA, 0 - 4000 NTU

Product #: LPV444.99.00210
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Trusted measurement for high range turbidity applications; simplified.

The new TL23 Series laboratory turbidimeters blend trusted technology and improved features to simplify testing in the most demanding industrial and wastewater applications.

Hach’s new TL23 lab turbidimeter brings a new face to the trusted legacy 2100N and 2100AN turbidimeters. It utilizes the same optic bloc while delivering an improved user experience with its intuitive interface, which ties perfectly to the rest of Hach’s laboratory instruments.

Having the same optic bloc means that you can replace your old 2100N/AN with a TL23 turbidity meter without having tochange any of your standard operating procedures.

Just like the legacy instrument, the TL23 lab turbidimeter comes in 4 different models:

•2100N is replaced by TL2300 (EPA, up to 4,000NTU)

•2100NIS is replaced by TL2310 (ISO, up to 1,000NTU)

•2100AN is replaced by TL2350 (EPA, up to 10,000NTU)

•2100ANIS is replaced by TL2360 (ISO, up to 10,000NTU)

With their ratio technology, the TL23 labturbidimeters are ideal for industrial and other samples with a wide range ofturbidity. The main benefit of TL23’s ratio technology is that it helps to overcome the interference from large particles and color when measuring turbidity.

For drinking water applications, please refer to Hach’s new TU5200 turbidimeter specifically developed for unprecedented accuracy at low level turbidity with new detection technology that is identical with the one used in Hach’s new TU5300 sc and TU5400 sc online turbidimeters.

  • Improved and intuitive design
  • A smart device for more reliable measurements
  • Easy to use. Easy to Be Right