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pH Buffers

Hach calibration pH buffers are available in a variety of colour-coded or colourless solutions, in different packaging types and sizes from 15 mL up to 20 L. pH buffers are also available in convenient single-use pouches (Singlet) and unit-dose powder pillows for on-site and field analyses ensuring freshness, eliminating the possibility of contamination. All Hach pH buffers are NIST traceable for optimum pH electrode calibration with an accuracy of ±0.02 pH at 25 °C. For all Hach buffers, a specific Certificate of Analysis is available for download from Support/Service, Certificate of Analysis menu, using product part number and batch number.

For critical applications and metrology needs, Hach offers pH Buffer IUPAC Standard Solutions with Certificate of Conformity and Traceability from our Accredited Laboratory ( The certificate is reporting the exact pH buffer value with related expanded uncertainty (k=2). pH Buffers solutions are traceable to IUPAC/NIST pH scale. They are offering a unique extended shelf-life period thanks to a premium aluminium packaging.
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