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AF7000 Streaming Current Monitor

For optimization of coagulation processes in drinking water, the Hach AF7000 Streaming Current Monitor was designed with serious durability in mind, utilizing an industrial sized motor and having solid 316 Stainless Steel castings. Partnering a simple and straightforward layout with an optional automatic flush feature, the AF7000 allows for easy access to perform routine maintenance, while maximizing uptime and keeping your readings accurate.

With an industry leading sub 1 second speed of response to source water changes, the AF7000 provides operators instant knowledge and immediate control to any potential situation or needed chemical dosing adjustment. The instrument also auto zeros in less than 5 seconds with the push of a button, making sure you don't have to question the accuracy of your readings. Hach's AF7000 heavy duty construction and fast response allows for accurate 24/7 monitoring of your source water.

With the ability to always be in control of your chemical dosing, you can save time and money while still providing a high quality water output for your community.
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