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Surface Water  

Surface water is the source for majority of people served with potable water and it generally includes lakes, rivers and reservoirs. Bodies of water are monitored so that any industrial or municipal waste discharged into surface water is detected immediately and the polluter punished. This monitoring can take place continuously (online) or in the laboratory using samples.

Water quality stations are often used to monitor flowing bodies of water.  Measurement stations allow for the comprehensive monitoring of surface water. State-of-the-art data transfer systems ensure that device status information and measurement values are available everywhere and at all times.

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Surface Water   We provide our expertise in
  • Controlling the process in real-time based on source water conditions
  • Supplying data and information on water quality in relation to regulatory actions
  • Helping you detect pollutants in water earlier to minimize costs
  • Ensuring quality in water and protecting human health

Surface water real-time monitoring station

As the environmental monitoring of surface water in several countries is often conducted periodically, manually manipulated, so the detection and handling of water pollution has certain limitations. Therefore, the establishing of real-time water quality monitoring stations with advanced technology will enable the protection of the water environment.

A typical surface water monitoring station has designed to have two pumps operate continuously, sucking up water from a river, flows go through a tank installed several probes for required parameters. When the water has a signal out of range permit, a sampler runs automatically to get sample for preservation to analyze later while the system sending immediate information to the host system, officers at the remote center room will detect and report promptly authorities to have action plans quickly. Information on water quality will be logged regularly with several minutes interval.

Data usage

  • Provide timely information monitoring results to the community.
  • Provide data to assess the impact of production activities, assess pollution levels in service of environmental management and sustainable development of the province's economic and social
  • Handling of Administrative Violations for wastewater monitoring results exceed permitted standards

The parameters monitored in surface water include:

  • Turbidity
  • Oxygen
  • Temperature
  • Total suspended solids
  • Nutrients (COD, TOC, BOD, NO3-; NO2-; NH4+; PO43-)
  • Salts (anions and cations)
  • pH
  • Conductivity
  • Heavy metals

Local case studies  

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