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pH & ORP Sensors

pH & ORP Sensors
Hach offers a variety of analog and digital pH sensors and ORP sensors to meet your application needs for inline pH or ORP monitoring of water or other fluids. Whether your application ranges from ultrapure water to challenging industrial fluids, our range of pH probes and ORP probes provide accurate real time ph/ORP readings to ensure confidence in your fluid process operations. Find out more by clicking on a product image below.
8362 sc High Purity Sensors

Plug & Play design
For low conductivity, high
purity eg. Power

Analog Differential pH Sensors

Analog differential pH

Combination pH/ORP Sensors

Low cost sensor
Combination technology
3/4” NPT thread

Differential ORP Sensors

Differential technology
Accurate, reliable
Wide range of uses

Digital Differential pH Sensors

Differential technology
Plug & Play design
1” NPT thread

LCP ORP Sensors

Differential ORP
Industrial Applications
1.5” NPT thread

LCP pH Sensors

Encapsulated analog pH sensor