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Application - Wastewater Discharge Monitoring

Wastewater Discharge Monitoring  


Almost every type of industrial manufacturing process produce some quantities of waste material. The indiscriminate disposal of these waste materials has a detrimental effect upon the environment. The continued growth of industries will undoubtedly require significant reductions in the amounts of waste pollutants now being discarded.

Wastewater discharge monitoring is desirable for the following reasons:

  1. To assure responsible regulatory agencies of the manufacturers’ compliance with the effluent requirements and implementation schedule set forth in the discharge permit.
  2. To maintain sufficient control of in-plant operations to prevent violations of permit specifications
  3. To develop necessary data for the design and operation of wastewater treatment facilities.
  4. To insure cognizance of product and material losses to the sewer.

The use of continuous process and laboratory instrument for monitoring industrial waste should become an integral portion of the manufacturing process and be used as a measure of efficient operation. Once incorporated into the production system, it will be an invaluable check on the overall efficiency of plant operations as well as an aid in the meeting legal requirements. Monitoring wastewater discharge can also provide basic data that will be valuable in the design of a wastewater treatment system to meet regulatory requirements.

Monitoring discharge parameters requires reliable and precise instrumentation to ensure that trade effluents are able to meet stringent requirements set out by regulatory agencies.

Recommended monitoring parameters

  • pH
  • Temperature
  • Total suspended solid (TSS)
  • Conductivity (EC)
  • Turbidity
  • Nutrients (COD, TOC, BOD, NO3-; NO2-; NH4+; PO43-)
  • Salts (anions and cations)
  • Heavy metals

HACH offers a comprehensive product portfolio for wastewater discharge monitoring.

Local case studies  

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