Hach helps first private industrial park assure compliance with effluent requirements in Bangkadi, Thailand

They are the first private industrial park in Bangkadi, Bangkok Thailand that has achieved success both in terms of quality and marketing. They were chosen as an outstanding company and a good example of perfected Thai industry technologically, socially, and environmentally.


  • Online pollution monitoring system for wastewater treatment plant
  • Showing and sending pollution load of COD and BOD to regulatory timely
  • Monitoring COD and BOD load of the outlet
  • Establish gap-free record of organic loading at outlet of industrial park

The challenges faced for this customer, is that being a company of effluent compliant to regulation, it is always very important for company to maintain an accurate control for in-plant operations to prevent violations of permit specifications.

Client had the requirement to test for organics and etc., starting sourcing around for a solution provider. Due to Hach’s expertise in water quality and being able to provide them with customized solution, client has decided on Hach to help provide an advanced automatic wastewater discharge monitoring control.

Hach is proud to be the choice for clients’ water quality testing solution provider.

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