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Hach is committed to understanding your measurement needs in order to provide you and your lab with the right solution.

How much time is your lab spending conducing digestions for parameters such as COD and TOC? Are your laboratory testing procedures optimized to save time and ensure accuracy?
You could consider using older equipment to digest samples, or you could consider an improved, time-saving solution from Hach: the DRB200.
The DRB200 is designed to save time and ensure accuracy during testing:
• By heating samples from ambient to 150° C in less than 10 minutes.
• Providing a digital timer with automatic switch-off feature and audible signal to alert technicians.

Are you currently running simultaneous or concurrent digestions?
You could continue to use the same digestor or heater to digest samples one after the other, or you could consider the multi-block DRB200. The DRB200 features independent heating blocks which enable cuvettes and reaction vessels to be digested at identical or different temperatures and time settings.
These features combined with the safety offered by the DRB200’s splash protection lids and insulated external shell make the DRB200 an ideal solution for any lab using Hach 16-mm or 13-mm TNTplus chemistry vials.
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