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The electronics industry has stringent product quality requirements.

Microelectronic circuits are produced in extremely clean production environments known as clean rooms. Large quantities of high-quality ultrapure water are required in this industry. The water used to clean semiconductor wafers also needs to meet strict criteria. Since even the minutest particles can lead to production defects that could cause the failure of an entire circuit, highly sensitive measurement methods are vital.

Production with total purity

During the production of microchips, the first step is to create a substrate of monocrystalline silicon. This is then used to create discs or ‘wafers’ on which individual microchips are produced in parallel.

Whether rinsing or positioning the individual components on a wafer, the key factor in each stage of production is purity. This is because all processes need to be performed without any impurities present. Not only do airborne particles need to be monitored in clean rooms, but the rinsing agents have to be as pure as possible too. Simply de-ionising the water is not enough. Guaranteeing the quality of the ultra-pure water requires the use of highly sensitive water analyses. Even particles just micrometres in size can seriously impair the process.

As a world leader in water analytics, we have fully integrated monitoring solutions to address your water challenges related to the production performance, cost efficiency and sustainable development.


We provide our expertise in

  • Process water like wafer polishing, clean rinse, dicing and back grinding
  • Ultrapure water
  • Wastewater
  • Water Recycling & Reuse
  • Energy & Chemical reduction
  • Wide-range and high performance of sensitive TOC, silica analyzers etc. for UPW and reclaim water and silica control 

Water cycle in Electronics industry and monitoring solution we are offering


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