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GuardianBlue Early Warning System

An Early Warning system for contaminant detection in drinking water with SAFETy Act certification and designation by the US Department of Homeland Security. GuardianBlue´s breakthrough technology will detect and alert on unknown water quality deviations. The system warns operators about foreign agents, contamination events and operational events. Complemented by CityGuard, a network portal designed to display and control GuardianBlue monitorng systems located throughout the city, utility managers will optimize the use of utility dollars while maximizing water quality protection.

A unique, proprietary algorithm and agent library allows the system to detect and classify 34 contaminants of greatest concern to drinking water suppliers and USEPA. Water quality events are quickly detected and reported – differentiating between fluoride overfeed, pesticide contamination, cyanide and warfare agents.
The System learns water quality events unique to the water being monitored, empowering the system to log and alert users to new and recurring events.
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