Digesdahl Digestion Apparatus

Digestion apparatus for liquid, pasteurized, solid organic and mineralic samples. Faster, more effective digestion within 10 minutes. Applications to determine TKN, heavy metal determination in watery samples and sewage sludge. Digestions with the Digesdahl Apparatus use sulfuric acid and hydrogen peroxide as digestion reagents. Sulfuric acid/hydrogen peroxide digestion eliminates the need for a mercury catalyst. Elimination of metal catalysts results in a clear digest solution that is suitable for complete elemental analyses with no ashing required. A capillary funnel, inserted into the column, controls the rate of hydrogen peroxide added during digestion. This feature, along with the special design of the column, allows for complete sample digestion with minimum use of reagents and time. Digestions can be completed safely behind the optional safety shield without the need for a fume hood. Use the Digesdahl Apparatus to prepare a variety of samples for analysis, including water, wastewater, mineral ores, food products, feedstuffs, sludges, plant tissue, plating bath solutions, oil and coal.

• Accurate, reliable, fast results

• Eliminates metal catalysts

• Very low reagent use

• No fume hood required

• Wide variety of sample digestions possible
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